From: John Mackay

Sent: 08 March 2013
Subject: Ilfracombe Bandstand


    I was astonished to find the old Bandstand is close to home!    My son went to Ilfracombe last year and I asked him to take a photo of the Bandstand... he never saw it of course.

    The reason that I am interested is that I was a cyclist in my earlier days and notorious for sleeping out when on tour' because I couldn't afford B&B.   So, I've slept in Railwaymen's Huts, 'phone boxes, park benches, seafront shelters, barns, ditches, hay stooks and even under a motor scooter - there's more but I won't bore you!


    I slept in the Bandstand in Ilfracombe in March1952 when cycling down from Tern Hill to Lands End and back - a 6 day early season training run that I repeated each March. .   The deck chairs were stored in the 'stand and I made a 'box' out of several and spent a cold and draughty night to the sound of the sea.   I had a thin cotton sleeping bag and a threadbare blanket, all I could carry on a racing bike.


    I am in Wombourne of course so I'll get the bike out and have a ride down to see if I can see it again.


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