It was reported in the Ilfracombe Gazette of 3rd July 1894 that the new bandstand, costing 350, was to be opened on Capstone Parade, Ilfracombe.

The bandstand had been built by Messrs. W. MacFarlane & Co of Glasgow for the Edinburgh Exhibition before being sold at the end of the exhibition to the people of Ilfracombe.

The bandstand remained in use until, as reported in the local press on Thursday 19th March 1970, it was sold to a Mr Lench for a sum of 150. No mention was made of why it was taken down.

Mr Lench was the then owner of The Elms, Seisdon and the bandstand was brought back and part erected in the rear gardens.

The bandstand remained in that way until the present owner of The Elms, Mr Alec Smith, who took over the house following the death of his parents. Alec as part of his plans at the house decided to restore the bandstand to its former glory and work commenced in 2000.

Mr Iain Wyper of Heritage Engineering Glasgow has now made a site visit to the bandstand and will be advising on future restoration. Heritage Engineering are the modern day custodians of plans, drawings and pattern books of the W. Macfarlane & Co and advise on the restoration of products made by the company back in Victoria times.

The following pictures are taken from press cuttings gratefully provided by Mrs Sue Pullen of The Ilfracombe Museum.




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Bandstand Under Construction April 2001

Pictures By Terry Mason

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Photos below of work to date as at 8th January 2002

The sound boards have now been fitted inside the roof


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January 23rd 2002 - The Work Nears Completion



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